What are the symptoms of Merkel cell carcinoma?

Merkel cell carcinoma signs and symptoms may be unnoticeable (also called asymptomatic), and they sometimes can appear as a painless but fast-growing lump, sometimes purplish or red, but often skin-colored. These can appear on any part of the body where skin is exposed to the sun. This includes on your head, neck, arms, legs, shoulders and chest.

It’s important to remember to check your skin regularly for any unusual growths or bumps, even if they are painless, and to discuss any abnormalities or concerns with your primary care doctor or dermatologist.

How is Merkel cell carcinoma diagnosed?

At Miami Cancer Institute, our internationally recognized skin cancer specialists work together across many medical disciplines (known as a multidisciplinary approach) to provide you with the most advanced screenings and comprehensive diagnostics available today – all under one roof and all conveniently located in South Florida.

Our goal is to diagnose and treat skin cancer in the earliest stages when they can be treated in a comfortable, state-of-the-art setting. For patients with Merkel cell carcinoma, they have typically already been diagnosed with the disease by their regular healthcare provider, so they come to Miami Cancer Institute for further expert evaluation and treatment.

Miami Cancer Institute also offers convenient same-day appointments with all members of the multidisciplinary team to design and deliver a personalized, comprehensive care plan for each patient.

Patient Support Services

Patient Support Services

Designed for Healing, Wellness and Recovery

Taking care of the whole patient is an important component of providing personalized cancer care. Integrated into the fabric of the Miami Cancer Institute, the Cancer Patient Support Center addresses the psychological, physical, social and spiritual needs of our patients during cancer treatment and beyond.

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