Medical Specialties

Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology is the treatment of cancer with medicine, such as chemotherapy, hormones, and analgesics.  Medical oncologists coordinate and direct a patient’s medical care. Your medical oncologist will provide several of the following services:

  • Educate patients on their form of cancer and stage development
  • Explain patients’ treatment options, make recommendations, and work with patients to develop a customized treatment plan that is right for them
  • Monitor the care and treatments patients receive

Our medical oncologists will work with you to improve your quality of life through curative therapy and palliative care. 


Hematology is the study of blood and blood-forming tissues, and the study of the nature, function and diseases of the blood and of blood-forming organs. Advanced Medical Specialties has some of the most experienced, highly regarded hematologists in Miami, Florida. They deal with diseases such as leukemia, coagulative disorders like hemophilia, Hodgkin's disease, multiple myeloma and lymphoma. 

Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Therapy Team is made up of several medical professionals led by the Radiation Oncologist (a physician who specializes in the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer), and includes a Medical Physicist, Dosimetrist, Radiation Therapists, and a Radiation Oncology Nurse.

When the Radiation Oncologist determines radiation to be an appropriate therapy, your physician working with our radiation team develops a treatment plan using sophisticated imaging and radiation technologies. Miami Cancer Institute offers the most advanced techniques including CT simulation, 3D Conformal Therapy and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT).


Gynecologic Oncology

Gynecologic oncologists use a combination of medical oncology, surgery and other therapies as needed for women with cancers in the pelvic area including cervix, uterine, ovarian and endometrial vulva and vagina. The gynecologic oncologist is both a skilled surgeon and skilled chemotherapist who will combine these specialties to treat the patient.

Pediatric Oncology

If your child or teen is diagnosed with cancer, a pediatric oncologist has the experience and qualifications to evaluate and treat your child. Pediatric oncologists are educated in both pediatrics (infancy through young adulthood) as well as cancers and treatments for children. Because children are growing, it's necessary to treat the cancer differently than you would in an adult -- both physically and emotionally. Pediatric oncologists know how to keep both the child and the parents relaxed and cooperative so that treatment will be most effective. and teens in a way that makes them relaxed and cooperative. Some of the most common childhood cancers include, but not limited to:  leukemias, lymphomas, brain tumors, bone tumors and solid tumors.