Please try to remember to get your prescriptions written during your office visit or treatment. If you are unable to do so, please call our office as early as possible during regular office hours for your refill. All prescription requests will be handled promptly.

When calling in for a refill, please have the name of the prescription, the dosage, and your pharmacy number available.

Most narcotic prescriptions require a written prescription which makes it impossible for you to receive refills of this type during the weekend or after-hours. We want you to have the medications you need when you need them. That is why it is always best to anticipate and get your prescriptions written while you are seeing your physician. This is especially important if you will need a refill during the weekend.

If you are visiting our Baptist or South Miami office you may call the Oncology Specialty Pharmacy for your refill. You may call (305) 728-1816 to have your prescriptions refilled.

 And remember, bring the name, phone number and address of your pharmacy.